About me

My name is Keren. I'm currently working as a generalist UX designer at Product Savvy Consulting, but before that, I was a nurse for 6 years. I know -- what a big pivot!

How I stumbled into UX. As a nurse, I worked in high-stress situations and environments to best provide to the needs of my patients, my colleagues and the organizations I represented. Early on I learned a tool is only as good as its ability to deliver on what the user needs and the processes put in place around them. Technology without a solid user experience was detrimental for staff adoption, and led to inefficient workarounds and processes. My innate curiosity and desire to help fix this gaping problem led me to participate in several quality improvement projects. The project that really sparked my interest was during my first year of nursing: I worked closely with clinical analysts and educators to design an electronic checklist that helped nurses confidently discharge their patients and families. It was this project that first allowed me to utilize my design, user research and creative storytelling skills.

Bridging nursing with UX. The same values I practiced during my nursing career also guide my design decisions, I believe other people’s success is our success. When cross-functional team members support each other, it empowers us all to move fast and build better products. Much simpler acts, which might only affect one person, can have as much of an impact as larger actions. I strive to incorporate both big and small acts of kindness into my design solutions by keeping business, user and technical perspectives at top of mind.

TL;DR My passion for connecting and helping others drew me into the healthcare industry and it's what I love about UX. Utilizing my human-centric mindset, past experiences in working in stressful environments alongside multidisciplinary teams, and critical thinking skills, I iteratively design solutions that bring the best of humanity to the digital experience. I love working with people who believe in the power of inclusion, diversity of ideas and people, and the sheer joy of delivering services users didn't know they needed. My background gives me a holistic approach to problem solving, bringing to the table everything from product discovery to pixel-perfect implementation.

In my spare time, you can find me googling ways to save my plants, playing a team sport, and trying out new recipes.